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Where do we park for a wedding? 

Riverside Ceremonies

at the timber barn

If your invitation says "riverside ceremony" or "ceremony by the riverside", the ceremony location is NOT at the venue itself, but a two - three minute walk from The Timber Barn - located directly off the preferred, free parking area for the venue.


Rather than head to the venue after you find parking, you will find a seat at the ceremony space, nestled into the side of the beautiful Conestoga river. Our space is set with white chairs and can be accessed through the keyhole in the trees to the right of the grassy area when looking at the river. See the map to the right for further explanation. Access is more difficult if you enter through the tree line from the parking lot. Entering through the grass avoids the steeper entrance. 

After the ceremony, you will walk from to the venue, via Albert St. to King St. Spring Street is one block up (not as far as it looks!). Yes, you must enter through Spring St. as we cannot open the doors if you attempt to access from the alley off of King. 

See you soon! 

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