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dear future

We are Trella, Stephanie, and Kristi - your Timber Barn team! If you didn't already know, we also own Cellar 52, Elle By Stella, Gilt Catering, and St. Jacob's premiere boutique hotel, Hotel 52. 

We are a women-run organization and we absolutely love what we do. We follow trends, stay up to date on the changing world of events, and are committed to bettering our community as a whole. It was quite a journey through the hospitality industry to land in our "forever home" of the wedding world, and nothing gives us the same thrill and sense of accomplishment that planning a wedding from start to finish does!


Our commitment to our current and future clients is to be present, attentive, and communicative with you throughout the entire planning process. Planning weddings is NOT easy, which is why our goal is always to make it a fun and easy process so that you get to actually ENJOY the ride!


Remember: you do it once (or twice, hey, it happens) and we do it hundreds of times a year.


We promise to build and maintain a team that is thoughtful, kind, talented, and fun! As we grow, our team will grow with us, but we will always be sure to maintain our core values.

Looking forward to a glass of rose or coffee with you as we get to know you and begin discussing this exciting journey <3

Trella, Stephanie, & Kristi

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