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frequently asked questions

Is The Timber Barn an actual barn? 

No! The Timber Barn is far from a barn. It is the opposite of a barn, actually. Just a word used in the name. While structurally, there are elements that resemble the wood beams of a barn, The Timber Barn is a fully renovated indoor venue! 


Is there indoor space? 

You got it! The venue is fully indoor, and protected from the elements. Washrooms are inside on both floors, and the air conditioner is brand-spankin' new. As we said, fully renovated to be our little boutique venue and the backdrop of your beautiful wedding story. 


The ceilings look low. 

The ceilings are your standard height! They are not high ceilings, but not low- though we will admit, they photograph quite the opposite. They are your standard height and have plenty of room to jump and bop and dance! The Timber Barn dance floor is unmatched- the atmosphere is all wild and the room demands a crowd!


Do you host weddings in the winter?

Ahhhh, winter weddings are our favourite! Since we are not an outdoor venue, winter weddings are a dream here. Super cozy and warm, and rustic, and romantic- all the things you hope your winter wedding would be. 


Your in-house caterer is Gilt Catering?!!

You heard right! Gilt Catering is our exclusive caterer. Lucky you, eh!? 

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